Community Life and Connection Groups are the primary means by which we make disciples, and exists to help people learn the Bible and live out the practical Christian life together.

What exactly is Community Life? It's fellowship, it's eating, it's serving, it's studying, it's sharing, it's growing, it's becoming, it's praying, it's caring, it's loving, it's meeting the needs of a friend and having friends who can help you when you're in need. Simply put, Community Life is beautiful because it is Christians living the Christian life together.

Community Life is a lot like a river, it flows. There isn't a one size fits all approach. There isn't even one geographical location or one gathering opportunity where everyone meets, but instead there are various times, places, and opportunities that best meet the needs of your specific group.

The hope is that as many people as possible would experience the life changing power of Biblical community.

Community Life is a radical call amid a culture of mere attendance and casual involvement. It involves mutual love, care, consistency and authenticity as we seek to adorn the person and work of Christ with our lives.
Connection Groups (8-14 people who gather at a specific time)
Experience great conversations that give you the opportunity to share your highs and lows. Then there will be a time in God's Word or watching a video resource, prayer time, and an opportunity to connect as friends.

Organic Groups (groups based on existing friendships and relationships)
Almost everyone has a group of friends, but rarely do those friends meet for the purpose of Christian fellowship and Gospel conversations. Organic Connection Groups are an opportunity for you take some time with your existing friends for the purpose of investing in one another spiritually. You provide the friends, and Hope Church will provide the resources.

Men's / Women's Ministry
We strongly desire to see men and women grow in their walk with God. By having men's and women's ministry, we are able to minister with greater intentionality, because we all know the spiritual needs of men and women are different. Our men's and women's ministry encourages strong relationships with God, as well as with one another.
Intentional Friendships (meeting at a local restaurant or coffee shop)
Why not connect once a week at a time that suits you and three or four of your friends best? You may enjoy connecting over lunch or coffee, and that time could be used for you to spiritually invest, and for you to be spiritually invested in. Intentional friendships allow for your meeting times and locations to be more fluid. It's all about great friends making great disciples.

One-On-One Discipleship
This is a gender specific opportunity for men to disciple men and women to disciple women. This could mean a weekly meeting with a Hope Church pastor, elder, church leader, or being connected with a trusted mentor who will help you learn to understand God's Word and grow spiritually.

Community Outreach
These are opportunities for individuals or groups of people to serve together by meeting needs in our own local community.

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