Ministry Philosophy

  • Mission

    To partner with parents in developing students who own their faith before graduation, not just relying on the faith of their parents but really understanding what it means to live a life fully devoted to God

  • Values

    Throughout the year, we give students incredible opportunities to experience God at retreats, camps, mission trips, service days, and other great events!

  • Intention

    We want to prepare students for the world that they will face beyond high school. In our High School ministry, worship and digging in the word are the catalyst that really help students take the truths of Scripture and apply them to their own lives in their everyday context.


We desire to show students the way to eternal and abundant life only found in Christ Jesus. There are many challenges facing teens each and every day. Teens are being bombarded with a worldview that says that there is no such thing as absolute truth. We believe that God and His word is the absolute truth. Our ministry seeks to love students where they are and teach them to take ownership of their faith in Christ.

Students will worship God through vertically directed music, build community, and learn God’s Word in relevant ways. We use a variety of teaching styles to peak the interest of different types of learning styles (such as small groups, object lessons, Q & A, media driven, team building activities, and more.)